Mobile phones are no longer just phones. The vast majority of cell phone users only use their devices for calling and texting, but the latest cell phones are capable of so much more! The wireless industry has sought to combine phones with other electronic devices to their advantage. This way, you won’t need a backpack full of all your devices every time you leave home.

In this article, I am going to touch on several features that are currently available on phones, but are underappreciated or unknown. These features can help make your life incredibly more efficient and convenient.


Bluetooth is best known for the growing popularity of wireless headphones. The use of headsets is becoming more popular as states begin enforcing laws that prohibit the use of phones in cars without them. The state I live in doesn’t have a law for this (yet), but I personally couldn’t drive my car and talk on the phone without bluetooth (my car is manual). It is too difficult and insecure.

However, this is not the only thing that Bluetooth technology is capable of. Quite the opposite, in fact. Bluetooth uses several “profiles” and each one has a unique purpose. I’ll cover each profile in another article, but I’ll highlight a few.

Most bluetooth phones are capable of transferring files; in other words, send photos or music from one phone to another without using an MMS. The transfer is free and downloads much faster than MMS. Also, you can buy stereo headphones to listen to music on your phone (see #2).

2.MP3 player

Don’t have an iPhone but wish you could use your phone to play music? You certainly can!

Any phone with some kind of memory card capacity can be used as an MP3 player. The number of songs you can play depends on the size of your card and the file size of each MP3. One of the newer SD formats, SD High Compression (SDHC), takes up much more disk space on a MicroSD card and allows you to use cards that contain 4 or 8 GB of space. This will give you at least 600-1200 songs.

Not all phones will accept the SDHC format; Be sure to check the specifications of the phone before making the purchase. However, phones that do not accept SDHC must have cards up to 2 GB.

3.Google Text

Disclaimer: To take advantage of this feature, you will be charged for text messages, so I recommend that you first add a text package to your plan.

Google has created its own text messaging service with which you can send queries and receive a response in seconds. You can use it for directory assistance; translate words into other languages; check stock quotes, sports scores and weather; convert measures; and you can even check the status of a current flight. To see all the other things you can do with Google Text, search for SMS on the Google site.

4. Video messaging

Multimedia messages aren’t just for sending pictures back and forth; they are also for sending videos and audio clips. If you have a camera phone capable of capturing video, this is very beneficial! Whatever important event is happening, capture it on your phone and send it to friends and family without any hassle.

5. Wi-Fi

WiFi gives you the ability to connect to wireless networks. Whether it’s hotspots or your wireless router at home and work, WiFi gives you faster Internet access than you can get through cell phone towers.

This is also a free alternative to accessing the internet on your phone, unless the particular hotspot you are using charges a fee. However, make absolutely sure that you are using the Internet via WiFi and not your phone’s Internet, otherwise you may be charged per kilobyte.

6. Memory card slot

Similar to #2, memory cards actually do more than just let you listen to music. You can store most types of files on these cards; my personal memory card contains 3 different movies that i can play on any PDA media phone, along with lots of photos.

Even if you don’t use a memory card much, it’s a good idea to supplement your phone with at least a 1GB card if your phone has limited space. This keeps your phone’s performance optimized.

7. Voice dialing

Some phones have voice command. Instead of dialing, you can tell the phone who you want to call or even which app you want to see. This can be a good time-saving shortcut if the app you need is hidden in the menus, or if you need to call someone who isn’t on your speed dial list.

8. Organizer

Phones have some organizer features installed to make your life easier. Tools typically included are to-do lists, calculators, notepads, alarm clocks, and calendars that will remind you when appointments are coming up. PDAs will also allow you to download additional organizational tools


GPS can be found in phones in different forms. Some cell phone services offer a service where you can track your kids on your phone, while others offer navigation services when you pay a monthly subscription. However, others will only use GPS through 911 services, so if you call in an emergency, you will be found more easily.

A look at 9 underrated cell phone features

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