The astrology of relationships has great importance in one’s life. In fact, many astrologers have spent their entire lives understanding the essence of this science and its influence on people’s lives. After years of experience in the field of relational astrology, each astrologer feels that he can effectively visualize or astrologically analyze a relationship. There are several types of relationship astrology that exist in this world. Here, we will focus on the love or romantic relationship that can be examined by an astrologer to determine its future prospects and other influences in an individual’s life.

There are certain tips that an astrologer can follow to analyze a relationship based on astrological aspects and the influence of astrology signs and symbols on it.

One of the most important aspects of the astrological relationship is the sun-moon insight. You can consider whether the sun in one person’s chart makes a significant aspect to the moon in another person’s chart or vice versa. If this is not the case, then you should look at the sun/moon midpoint of these individuals’ chart. Also look to see if one person’s sun/moon midpoint is closely conjunct or opposite a personal planet in another person’s chart or vice versa. Experts in this field also tend to consider any aspect in multiples of 45 degrees from the sun/moon midpoint.

The composite chart plays an important role in the astrological relationship. The famous sun-moon rule of thumb is an old concept in this regard. However, experts see it as an important part of relationship astrology. In case the answer is “no” to the questions asked, an astrologer does not rule out a powerful relationship. However, if the answer is ‘yes’ to one or more of the questions asked, the astrologer sees the relationship as having several impacts on the lives of the people involved.

In case the relationship revolves around sharing a home or spending a good amount of time together, the moon has great meaning in Synastry.

An astrologer should take note of the aspects formed between the moon in one person’s chart and the planets/dots in another person’s chart and vice versa. Serious obstacles in a relationship should be anticipated if there are unaspected or severely challenged intraspects involving the moon.

Astrologers must emphasize the overlap of the houses of both individuals to reach a good conclusion.

The nodes in Synastry also have great importance in the astrology of relationships. In case one person’s personal planet is combined with the other person’s South Node, the connection exists. The person whose personal planet is conjunct the other’s South Node will feel comfortable with the other person, but will eventually feel that the relationship drains their energy and would like to break it off in the future.

The moon nodes are really significant in Synastry. When nodal ties are strong, individuals are attracted to each other.

Relationship astrology plays an important role in predicting the future prospects of a relationship.

The tips mentioned above will prove helpful for an astrologer to examine a relationship astrologically.

Astrological Relationship Tips

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