Are you thinking of setting up your own business from home? Think again. Most home business opportunities will offer you the freedom of your job, the chance to be your own boss, get your life back on track, spend time with your family, travel to exotic places, and live out all the dreams you’ve ever imagined. They give you picture perfect examples of those who have come before you, doing exactly that and making more money than you would have a clue what to do. But is it just that? A dream? An imaginary fairy tale? Or is this a real possibility? They are right? If you really put in the time and effort, could you be successful?

Most likely you won’t. Statistics tell the dream story of network marketing opportunities that they themselves will never reveal. 97% of network marketers fail, and most of them don’t even break even with their initial investment. All the money in this industry makes its way to the top elite, while very little seems to go unnoticed by the new kid on the block. So why bother? And what is the difference between that top elite and those of us who are just beginning to make our way into the system? There are many factors that go into this phenomenon, several factors that need to be taken into account before all those dreams can become a tangible reality.

First things first: you have to choose a business. All network marketing has some things in common, but there may be one company that is a much better fit for you than the others. Things to consider when choosing a vehicle for your home business are: product, management, compensation, company age, and recruiting style. Let’s look at all of these individually. The product is one of the most important aspects of your business. What does the company sell? If you can’t stand behind the product 100%, if it’s not something you’d use even without the possibility of making a profit, then you’re not going to be a good seller. You have to be able to get excited about what you have to offer people; Without genuine enthusiasm, no one will be interested in what you have to say, and you’ll quickly wear yourself out trying to convince others of its potential benefits.

Next, take a look at the management of the company. Is the founder of the company a citizen and entrepreneur of integrity? Does management have industry experience? Who supports your effort? Are there detractors and what are their criticisms? Also be sure to check out your potential immediate upline. They have experience? Are they friendly and willing to help you succeed? The people of the company can make the difference between the success and failure of a company, and between its success and failure. Don’t leave this important factor to chance; research before deciding.

Compensation is also an obvious indicator of how much money you’ll be able to make on a particular vehicle. Learn as much as you can about a business model before you jump into it. Many of the compensation plans can get confusing as you work your way through the system, but you should be able to basically understand how you’ll earn your money and what you’ll need to do to get started. Most network marketing companies pay 24-40% of their profits to the field. You want to find a company that pays something closer to the forty percent mark, since the more money that goes into the field, the more generous your personal paychecks can be.

The age of the company is another very important aspect to consider. When you come on board with a company, you will determine the saturation level of your market and whether you will actually be able to hit the top ranks or if all potential recruits have already been accepted in your area. However, joining a company too soon can be dangerous, as many network marketing companies don’t make it past the second year. Finding a pre-launch opportunity can be exciting, but you need to realize that it is an investment in a company that may or may not make it.

Finally, the recruiting style, and yes, each company has its own particular recruiting personality. Of course, many of them can be adjusted to suit your own needs and abilities, but it’s important to have a company that supports what you’re willing and comfortable doing. Are you comfortable hosting parties for family and friends or do you prefer to focus on a cool marketing strategy? Online or offline marketing? Do you have a lot of money to invest in your initial business investment or are you starting on a tight budget?

After answering these vital questions and choosing a company that works for you, the next thing you need to do to position yourself among the top elite in the industry is learn. This is possibly the most important key. Follow the recruiting style of your upline and those who have been successful in your company; copy it and memorize it. Recruiting is what you get paid for in this business, and to be successful you need to know how to recruit blindfolded in your sleep. That’s why it’s so important to have a strong and supportive upline; they are the ones who will guide and advise you as you learn to build your business. If your upline is inexperienced, aloof, indifferent, or uninterested, your chances of success are negatively affected.

So is there any chance of you, the new kid on the block, rising through the ranks and truly making your dreams come true? Yes, although it is a small possibility, there is a possibility. Should you follow that dream and jump into the tough industry of running your own home business? It all depends. If you have the commitment and ability to invest in the opportunity and can find a business that suits your needs and skills, go for it! I did, and personally I don’t regret that decision.

The business I chose has a great management team, a knowledgeable and helpful upline, the simplest recruiting model I’ve seen so far (which is good for me as I’m not a mass recruiter), a the only one that pays 50% to the field, and a product that is helping so many live a healthier lifestyle. It is a newer company, only five months old, but I am confident that because of its one-of-a-kind business model and stellar management team, it will not only succeed but revolutionize this industry. I really enjoy learning how to work in this industry from my team of experts who show me the ins and outs of the business that I have never learned before. If you’re considering starting your own home business, do your research. And, if you’re looking for a great compensation plan with a simple recruiting style and a great upline, don’t hesitate to check out this great opportunity: Good luck on your dream quest!

Your partner in success,

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