A legal professional in India can specialize in any specific area of ​​Indian law, such as employment law, tax law, constitutional law, corporate law, and family law, just to mention a few. Corporate law primarily regulates the formation and operations of business organizations, partnerships, corporate houses, and other business practices.

The provisions of the company law state that a company has a separate legal personality. A company has its own legal rights and legal responsibilities that are independent of its members. You can file a legal claim against a company. However, it is not mandatory that the litigation extend to its owner and shareholders.

Corporate Law: A Good Career Option

An attorney who specializes in corporate law assists corporate houses with legal process and corporate dispute resolution. In addition, he helps them assert their legal rights and know their legal responsibilities. The industrial boom in India has made corporate law a lucrative career option.

In case you plan to specialize in corporate law, there are several employment opportunities to consider, such as joining a corporate law firm. However, before joining a law firm, it is essential to confirm its level of experience, reputation in the market, location and size.

Another option he chooses is to start an independent legal practice. Small business owners prefer to hire an independent corporate attorney rather than retain the expensive services of large corporate law firms. Additionally, you can start your practice by working with an experienced corporate attorney.

You may also consider joining the legal department of a corporate organization. Several leading corporate organizations hire corporate attorneys for their own legal departments. These firms have their own legal departments to carry out their legal paperwork and legal proceedings.

However, to pursue a successful career as a corporate attorney; he must be well versed in company laws, trademark laws, copyright laws, tax and securities laws, and government rules and regulations.

Corporate Law – An Overview

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