Do Leo Men Come Back After a Breakup? Many women wonder about this after they have separated from the man they love. None of us really have the ability to see the future. If we did, we could stop a breakup before it happened. Unfortunately, you may not realize how much you need your guy until you feel like it’s too late. If you feel stuck in standby mode because you don’t feel able to go on without it, you have to change something. In fact, you have the ability to reverse the breakup and make your Leo run back to you.

When you hurt a Leo man, he feels it intensely. They can hold on to emotional pain for a long time and it may feel like nothing you do can mend their broken heart. If the breakdown was caused by something you did, you have to get down to business fixing those fences. That should start with a sincere apology. Be honest about what you did. Tell him that you deeply regret it. It is not advisable to go into detail about what prompted you to do what you did. That will only awaken all the difficult emotions that you were feeling at the time. Instead, focus on moving forward by wiping the board.

Your work only begins once you apologize. You have to start proving that you are not the type of girl who makes the same mistake twice. Focus on showing your Leo man that you are a new woman. If he feels that you have truly learned a valuable lesson and are striving to be a better person, he will be impressed.

If the breakup was more about a loss of interest, you can still get your Leo man back with you. Leo men really get bored easily and can tire of a relationship if it becomes mundane or predictable. In this case, your strategy to get him back has to focus on showing him how spontaneous he can be. Make friends with him and then keep him on his toes. Learn something new, be it a new language or how to skydive. Show him how unpredictable you can be. He will love the new and exciting version of you and the friendship will transform into more because he will find you irresistibly attractive.

One constant to always remember when trying to rekindle a lost love with a man like this is never to seem desperate. You already know that you are attractive and he will realize that in time too. By showing endless self-confidence, you are silently telling her that you know you are a scam. You will love that.

Do Leo Men Come Back After a Breakup? How to make sure it does

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