It is a fact that these days video games are growing in popularity. People, especially children, spend long hours playing video games. The game options available are really diverse. There are various versions for PlayStation, Xbox and other game consoles. Apart from these consoles, there are a number of attractive PC games available in the market. And now, with the advent of PSP and mobile phone based games, you can play even when you are away from home.

While no one can deny the fact that video games are good for developing hand-eye coordination in young children and some strategy-based games give their gray matter a good workout, it’s doubtful how well this video game culture will finally do to children’s creativity. younger generation because spending most of their free time playing video games leaves very little time for other interests.

To preserve the sanity of all involved, something must be done very seriously and urgently to reduce this addiction.

Video games cannot be completely eliminated from a child’s life, but their appeal can be substantially reduced. And cartoons can play a vital role here. But we are not talking about watching cartoon shows on TV. Children instinctively love to draw, just as they love cartoons. Encouraging them to return to cartoon drawing will help channel their energy into a much more creative and entertaining activity.

Drawing caricatures is a fairly inexpensive hobby, and one can start with a pencil, pad, and eraser. But this inexpensive hobby can be a fulfilling, rewarding, and creatively satisfying profession in later years.

The beauty of all this is when, over time, the child begins to acquire cartoon skills, their attraction to video games and the total time of the day spent with games will decrease. Also, when parents, peers like their drawings and praise them, their overall confidence in their own abilities gets a well-deserved boost. Which is good not only for his caricature skills, but also helps him become a confident and well-adjusted adult.

For a young man, his skills in cartoon drawing, which he learned just for fun, can be a real asset to his career. Animator, web designer, illustrator, art instructor, and several other similar career options will be open to him.

So encourage your child to take up cartoon drawing as a hobby and see how he transforms it.

Drawing cartoons can reduce your child’s excessive addiction to video games

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