The worst Xbox 360 problem is the red ring of death, and that’s exactly what this article will help you with. If your problem with Xbox 360 is that your system freezes and red lights on the power button, then this article is for you.

You’re going to learn:

-the cause of the Xbox 360 red light problem

-what NOT to do when trying to fix your Xbox

-a guide on how you can fix your Xbox 360 problem yourself and get rid of red light errors once and for all.

First of all I will admit how angry you can be about having this problem with Xbox 360. It is a real pain, it ruins your game time as you are constantly afraid of freezing. Worse yet, it kicks you out of online games (harming your game score) and you constantly lose level progress.

This red light Xbox 360 problem essentially turns your system into a paperweight.

However, no matter how frustrated you feel, don’t resort to desperate quick-fix tricks (like the towel trick I’ll show you in a bit). There is a safe and quick way to fix your Xbox 360 problem permanently, and you’ll see how you can do it.

The cause of the Xbox 360 red light problem

Heat! The cause of this Xbox 360 freezing red light issue is heat!

Here’s the technical explanation: Microsoft made the heat sink (the cooling unit) too small. They made it small to make room for the DVD drive. Now what happens is that this heat sink is too small to keep the motherboard cool. As the motherboard heats up, it vibrates. These vibrations cause the GPU (graphics processing unit) to loosen. The cause of your Xbox 360 problem is that the GPU gets loose and your system crashes.

The solution to this Xbox 360 problem is explained below, but basically what you need to do is decrease the vibrations of the motherboard and allow it to breathe more (keeping it cooler). Don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds and you can fix your Xbox 360 problem with basic home tools.

No technical experience is required with a secure Xbox 360 repair, but don’t resort to the towel trick in your frustration!

The towel trick won’t fix your red ring of death

Some blogs and sites say that you wrap your system in a towel (leaving it on and overheating it) or using a hair dryer and overheating it. Do not do this.

You saw above how heat is the cause of your Xbox 360 freezing problem, so more heat will only make your Xbox 360 problem worse.

You have been warned.

Your Xbox 360 Troubleshooting Guide

Before you do anything, I suggest you take a look at a professional Xbox 360 repair guide. These guides have videos and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire process. They make it very easy to follow.

Also, don’t be afraid to disarm your system. 94% of Xbox 360s with a red light error don’t need new parts, they just need a little tweaking to get them up and running. It is not difficult to take your system apart and do this repair. Besides, it’s broken now anyway, isn’t it?

Also, you CAN fix this Xbox 360 issue by sending it to Microsoft, but it will cost you $140 and take 6 weeks. This Xbox 360 troubleshooting guide (and a professional Xbox 360 repair guide) are very easy and much cheaper. Choose what works best for you.

So, with that and in mind (and my strong recommendation to watch a repair video), here’s how you fix your Xbox 360 freezing issue once and for all (note: arctic silver thermal compound can be found anywhere computer store and is only about $1):

1. Remove faceplate and casing. You will find slightly gray circles among all the holes in your system. Prick these with a sharp point. Also, on the back, there are 6 small box-shaped holes that also need to be drilled to open the system case.

2. Remove the DVD drive and disconnect its cables.

3. Carefully remove the motherboard.

4. Flip the motherboard over and look at the 2 X-clamps. The heatsink is a large silver box on top of one of these X-clamps. Remove the X-clamp and unscrew the heatsink.

5. Now clean the CPU and GPU with isopropyl alcohol (remove all thermal compound).

6. Once clean, put a new arctic silver thermal compound over the CPU and GPU.

7. Before replacing the heat sink, put 2 nylon washers under the heat sink holes on the motherboard, and before screwing in the screws, put 2 washers on them as well. This allows your motherboard to breathe and is a very important part of troubleshooting your Xbox 360 problem.

8. Replace the motherboard and DVD drive. Replace the case and turn it on for 15 minutes. Just leave it. Then turn it off for half an hour or so.

9. Turn it back on and voila! No more Xbox 360 problems.

Now that you know how to fix your Xbox 360 problem, I suggest you take a look at a professional Xbox 360 repair guide if you need help with this Xbox 360 repair. Just do nothing, your Xbox 360 is too expensive to become. a paperweight

Best of luck in fixing the Xbox 360 problem!

Have a problem with Xbox 360? Find out how to fix Xbox 360’s worst problem: the red ring of death!

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