Ogyam was the sixth born in a family of ten. His demeanor and general appearance differed greatly from those of his other siblings. He was the only one with a different last name, although he was a true progeny of the Kyei family. From the age of five, he felt the heat of the financial fever that existed in his family. His classmates had play equipment like toy cars and dolls, but he didn’t have any. His attempt to play with some of the game kits was often met with abusive conversations from the children’s parents at their home, the common theme of which was “Let your parents buy you some!” in a harsh and strong tone. Crying, Ogyam shyly pulled away and fashioned her own clay play kits, a true resemblance to those children played with. The only difference was that theirs were alive while his were corpses. Always rejected and shunned by his peers due to the poverty of his family, he grew up as a cold, bored and introverted teenager.

His father, Mr. Kyei, although at war with his deteriorating finances, was very religious. He went to great lengths to provide a spiritual refuge for his family. The familiar saying on his lips was “Serve God with all your soul and success will be yours.” Being an elder in one of the Pentecostal churches, he was very determined to raise his eight children in God’s mind regulation. He was fortunate to be blessed by the Almighty with a hardworking wife named Mercy, who is an exact replica of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She was very generous and kind.

Despite the difficult financial situation of her family, she helped needy women, widows and orphans in her neighborhood. At home, she took care of all the household chores with all seriousness. She even replaced the other indifferent women in the house whose business it was to gossip and cook stories only to cause divisions and disturbances among the tenants of the house. They always wanted to cause trouble. No wonder they even tried to fight the innocent and unsullied Mercy! Very prepared to apply the words recorded in Romans 12:17, she never answered them with her own coin. Although she was not very fortunate to have received a secular education like her husband, she proved to be a great help to him, as the word of God instructs all women. She went into small business to increase her husband’s earnings to support the family. Ogyam considered himself very lucky to have had her as a mother.

Of his eight children, Ogyam was highly valued by Mr. Kyei for his obedience and academic prowess. Ogyam was partially discovered at the age of seven in class four at the Gospel Education Center. As he was new to the class, Madame Vesta did not recognize him until the time of inspection. With the students arranged like cars for sale, he inspected each of their clothes, fingers, and teeth. “Hey new student, why is your uniform so tattered?” she angrily asked Ogyam. Ogyam replied with a shaky and shaky voice “Please ma’am, my dad promised to replace you for me at the end of the month when he receives his salary.” Looking directly into his frightened eyes, Madame Vesta asked him to sit down without asking questions. The whole class was delighted in utter surprise by her change in attitude, as she was considered a hard nut.

Madame Vesta’s assumption about Ogyam’s financial status was correct when she conducted her first dictation in English. Unfortunately for Ogyam, his pen refused to write. “What’s up friend?” he asked the pen as if it were human. Hearing the third word to spell, he had no choice but to scribble each word on the paper with the tip of the pen without ink. He presented his book with the words drawn on it. After a while, Madame Vesta called out his name. “Yes ma’am,” he replied and walked over to her. She said, “Is it you again, sir? Didn’t dictate. Why?” With his heart almost sinking into his stomach, Ogyam replied, “Please ma’am, I did the work, but the ink from my pen was not flowing, so I had to scribble the dictated words on the paper.” Madame Vesta asked in surprise: “What?” Staring at the paper, he saw the words scrawled on it. She wrote it down and Ogyam had ten out of ten. It was on this day that he came to understand Ogyam’s dire financial situation.

As a class teacher, she noted that Ogyam was a versatile, talented, and God-fearing student. This brought her closer to him. Ogyam even enjoyed various favors from her. She bought him a new school uniform and other stationery. He also noted that during break sessions, Ogyam stayed in class. On one of those occasions she asked him curiously, “Aren’t you going to break up?” He replied, “No ma’am. I ate at home before coming to school.” He also asked, “Does that mean they don’t give money to the school?” “Yes ma’am. My dad always makes sure we are well fed before we go to school and after school, I walk home,” Ogyam said. Concerned for his condition, Mrs. Vesta assured him: “Come see me freely when you need something.” Ogyam wasn’t even ready to express his problems to her, as his parents had instructed him not to depend on humans who may fail to keep their promises.

In the sixth class, Ogyam was privileged to be part of the spelling machine that represented his school in the district’s “B” spelling bee. He spread the scent of his voiceless school into every nook and cranny of the district with his excellent performance. He was the master strategist who helped his school take down all the elephant schools that were chosen as favorites to win the contest.

During the weekends, Ogyam worked to raise money to buy his textbooks and other educational materials, taking the burden off his parents. At one point in his life, he became a shoe shine and occasional caretaker in the homes of the wealthy in his neighborhood. Sunday mornings were his favorite times in life due to the fact that it provided him with a great opportunity to learn more about his creator. He had several elders in his church as his intimates. This good association was positively reflected in his moral life, making the inspired counsel of the Apostle Paul, written in the biblical book of 1 Corinthians 15:33, true that “While bad association spoils good habits , good association elevates and shapes them. “

On one occasion, while doing his duty as a cleaner in one of the wealthy houses in his area, a daughter of Jezebel tried to induce him to commit fornication, an act that God strongly detests. She was the daughter of a certain rich and famous man named Kwabena Manu. The setting was like the one shown in the Genesis account of the faithful young servant of God named Joseph, whom Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce into committing adultery. Ogyam was busy dusting one of the room dividers in the living room of the house while singing his favorite Don Moen gospel song. Unbeknownst to him, this daughter of Eve was already there, lying on a student mattress behind the three-in-one chair at the far left of the living room. Just a few minutes later, her tempter caught her eye by tapping her shoulder. He almost fainted when he turned around. Why? He saw the naked figure of Adwoa standing in front of him. He yelled “Get dressed quickly and get out of my sight!” Adwoa seductively replied “Why are you acting such a fool? Come and lie with me please?” Heeding the Bible’s warning to flee from fornication, Ogyam quickly acted like Joseph in the Bible outside the house. Although it was raining cats and dogs, he walked through the heavy rain to his home. He was happy that he had taken this position to please the Most High God.

God continued to bless Ogyam in all his endeavors. He grew up and became a respected teenager in the Agric Junction community. He was the first in his community to have added six with ten ‘ones’. Computer location selection posted. Fortunately for Ogyam, he got an admission to Prempeh College to read Science. Unfortunately for him, the admission fee was so high that he almost caused an accident at his home. His father had traveled to Nigeria in search of greener pastures and no family member was willing to support him. His father’s remuneration had not yet been paid. He and his mother sold bread and Kenkey ice cream in order to increase the admission fee. When the amount was made, the authorities of Prempeh College had already closed the admissions. Undaunted, Ogyam and his mother went to their second-choice school and begged the principal to admit it. Seeing their results, the director happily assured them; “I firmly believe that he will be a good student. Yes! I would feel very privileged to admit it. Anyway, what program would my son like to read?” “Visual Arts, Sir.” With his surprised face, the director said, “Why do you want to opt for Visual Arts and not Business or maybe General Arts?” “Please sir, I have a God-given talent for drawing and also the school does not offer Science so I want to read Visual Arts,” Ogyam replied respectfully. Knowing that persuasion won’t even change his mind, the director asked them to pay the admission fee in the administrative block. Ogyam knew that God’s finger was working. He recalled the words of the psalmist that “although many are the calamities of the righteous, God delivers him from all of them.”

With various ups and downs, disappointments and trials, Ogyam completed his second cycle of education. He was the school’s first Visual Arts student to navigate college. He graduated from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology with first-class honors. One year after completion, he earned his Master of Arts degree. Upon completion, he obtained a job as a teacher in one of the country’s top secondary schools through the Ghana Education Service. In addition to teaching, the principal of his school appointed him chaplain and school counselor. His teaching and counseling sections were always filled with admonitions from God’s Word, the Bible. The advice his father gave him became his basic philosophy in life: “Serve God with all your heart and success will be yours.” They were the last comments in all his preaching and counseling sections. That is why every time a student or colleague meets him, they shout “Serve God” and he confidently responds “Success”. On the other hand, when they shouted “Success” he replied “Serve God”.

As a final note in a speech to the graduating class, Mr. Ogyam said:

“No suffering of the righteous will ever overtake him because of the strong backing of the Almighty. No calamity can have an eternal stench on a loyal servant of God because of the superiority of God’s power. I am a true life testimony of this. It seemed my difficult This situation had never had a doctor. It seemed that all the doors of redemption were closed. Unknown to me was the much broader loving-kindness of God that has brought me here and made me who I am. Please, my brethren, serve to God completely – greater and ultimate success will be yours. ” The volume of applause and cheers that followed his speech woke the dead and silenced the deep storm. He ascended to the offices of the Most High God and sent a message of defeat to the devil’s email. Yes! Several souls were touched and dragged into the courtyard of the merciful God.

Ogyam’s plight versus the finger of God

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