Natural stones extracted from mines and quarries, such as granite, have been a common building material today. The beauty and hardness of these stones make them an ideal material for the rehabilitation and construction of homes. However, granite can be quite expensive, with prices as high as $70 per square foot, not including installation. Not all homeowners can afford this huge cost. Fortunately, there are granite pieces that are 10 to 70 percent cheaper than their original price. These pieces are actually remnants and are called granite remnants.

Usually natural granite is cut and diced into slabs. These slabs are commonly used to build kitchen countertops. They are cut into smaller pieces depending on the size of the kitchen. During this process, some pieces of granite become too small or do not fit the desired size. Granite scraps are either thrown away or sold by the contractor or manufacturer for a much lower price. If you can’t afford granite slabs, these leftover pieces may be a good option.

These pieces underwent the same manufacturing process as the larger slabs. Most likely, these pieces are polished, shiny, and have a smooth surface. However, not all of these pieces are of good quality, so it is very important that you visit the stone patio and select the good ones.

You have to choose only the remains that match the accent of your home. This can be difficult because a shop’s remnant parts inventory can change from day to day, especially if it’s a large shop. It’s also good to talk to the fabrication shop about the availability of granite pieces before you start your project. You should do this so they know ahead of time what kind of pieces you want them to keep. Although the surface of these pieces is polished, the edges can still be on the rough side. If that’s the case, you should ask the manufacturer to polish the edges.

Asking for a discounted price for leftover parts can be easy. Fabrication shops usually want to get rid of these parts and are willing to offer them to you at a very low price. Although granite scraps are small pieces that cannot be used for larger projects, such as a regular sized kitchen countertop, they are still workable for smaller projects. These pieces will be the perfect material for building tabletops, dressers, kitchen islands, fireplace surrounds, and many other smaller accessories.

Save money using granite scraps

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