Is it possible for a human being to swim across the Gulf of Mexico? I bet one day someone tries and succeeds. I had a dream about this, but then I woke up and remembered that even though I’m a good swimmer, I’m not that good!

In the Gulf of Mexico, we all know that the water temperatures are warm enough to not worry about hypothermia and a person could swim with those problems. Of course they would need high tech equipment and here are some ideas; When they’re ready to sleep after a day of swimming, they press a button on their bathing suit and it turns into a raft and they set up the GPS to find out how far they’ve gone.

When they’re done sleeping, they can press another button and the raft will collapse back into their trunks. You are probably thinking that this technology does not exist? But it does exist, and it could easily be adapted to allow someone to swim across the Gulf of Mexico.

What about sharks you say? Well, in your bathing suit there could be a solar powered unit, which would detect sharks and, when necessary, send out an electrical impulse to make them disappear. This technology also exists.

Who could try to swim across the Gulf of Mexico? Well, someone already swam from Cuba to Key West, Florida, and that’s almost 90 miles. A Frenchman in a canoe rowed across the Pacific Ocean. There have been people who have jogged in Australia and people who have jogged in America. Someday some superhuman Olympic caliber athlete with the stamina and skill will attempt to swim across the Gulf of Mexico. Most likely it will happen during our lifetime and we will witness this event.

Swimming through the Gulf of Mexico

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