When you segment your email list, you can send more personalized and relevant messages to list members. This will reduce subscription cancellations and you will see an increased return on investment.

Today’s consumers are smart. They do their research before they do anything else. They know who their competition is and they are all too ready to jump ship and move to them if need be.

Any slight can seem like a big deal and the ease with which they can change course is increasing every day due to the global economy we live in. You have to compete in some way, and it can’t always be on price. If you compete on value, you may end up being the best option in your market at all times.

Helps make your messages more specific

When you know that your list has already taken some action, like downloading your lead magnet or buying a specific item, then you can focus on sending them very specific emails that not only discuss the purchase they made, but also the next steps. they can take

Sales increase

By sending more relevant messages, you will ensure that your list members feel special. This will help develop that “know, like, trust” connection that is so important. Thus, you will increase sales.

Increase conversions

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make a sale, get people to join a contest, or join you on social media. A more targeted list will mean more conversions all the way around.

You will avoid marketing to unresponsive people

Sometimes people initially join a list just to get something free that you’re giving away. They have no intention of continuing to act. So if you move the ones that do act to another list, you can market the non-responders more aggressively or even remove them from the list.

Your emails will be more personalized

When you have a specifically segmented list, either by behavior or demographics, the messages can be much more targeted. You can comment on the things they have done, or name something personal about the group they are part of (women, men, moms, dads, etc…) and that makes them feel important and included.

Subscribers are less likely to leave

People think they’re on the wrong list if they see marketing messages or messages about a product or solution they’ve already purchased. That gets them off the list. In reality, you want them to go away, but to a new list that is more appropriate.

You will improve the response rate

When an email is more targeted due to segmentation, you’ll see a huge improvement in response rate for things you ask them to do, like take a survey. The reason is that they feel that the information is more directed to them and not just generic for everyone.

What does email list segmentation mean?

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