“Advantages of school dormitories:

1. relatively safe 2. located on campus, easy to get to and from school 3. complete facilities such as canteen, bookstore, sports venues 4. easy to participate in various Leeds student accommodation and societies, and quickly mingle with fellow students.


2. Students who are new to foreign countries tend to close themselves off in such an environment and do not take the initiative to communicate with foreign students, instead they feel lonely. 2. you can choose your student accommodation in Leeds to share 3. you may have a wider circle of friends because you are not on campus disadvantages:

1. you need to negotiate with your landlord about rent and utilities 2. you may be a certain distance from campus (you need to consider transport) 3. you may not have any furniture at all and need to buy it yourself 4. you have a small circle of friends You may only choose roommates you like, and it is more likely that you will form a pile of Chinese students and not be able to practice your speaking skills.”

Which is better for renting in Leeds, student accommodation or off-campus rentals?

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