Typically, when someone is starting the home buying process, they first choose their real estate agent, eventually find a home, and then that agent refers them to a home inspector. However, it may actually be more beneficial for homebuyers to reverse this, by choosing their home inspector first, and then asking their opinion of a real estate agent.

Make no mistake home inspectors here. We know that the vast majority of real estate agents truly care about the homebuyer. However, some may be influenced and motivated to act in ways that are not as beneficial to buyers. We have heard of real estate agents who never use a home inspection company for anyone except themselves or their family.

Real estate agents are paid on commission, and that commission doesn’t come unless a home buyer makes a purchase. The agent needs you to buy the house, and there are some unethical real estate agents who won’t hesitate to lie to a client or downplay a house’s problems to make sure the sale goes through. The commission may be enough to alter the level of transparency an agent will have.

An established and well-reviewed home inspection company probably knows which agents to trust. A well-established home inspection company also knows which agents have asked them to leave details out of the report. The inspection company may not tell you negative things specifically about an agent, however, they could easily suggest an agent to you. You can trust the home inspection company because the company needs you to have great experience with them as reviews and word of mouth are very important to them. What will your business look like if you discover that your new home has structural problems shortly after you move in when it becomes a problem? Also, the home inspection company gets paid whether or not you buy the house; this means they don’t have the possible motivation to lie to drive a sale that real estate agents do. A home inspector’s best interest is to be accurate and honest.

Of course, there are amazing real estate agents who care a lot about their clients. You just have to take your time and be careful who you choose. Your home inspector is a great person to ask when you begin your search for agents and a home.

Why you should ask your home inspector to refer you to your agent

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