Everyone would like to be their own boss and have more control over their private life and career. One way to do this is to set up your own home-based business.

Working from home has many different advantages:
• You choose your own working hours and days
• Stay closer to your family, friends and neighbors.
• More time with your family, friends and neighbors.
• Not having to fight that horrible traffic every morning and evening. Which in itself can take almost half of your workday, depending on where you live in regards to work.
• You are your own boss
• Unlimited earning potential if you are passionate about this line of work.
• You no longer have to worry about being fired

But there are also disadvantages:
• Upfront costs that a low-income family might have a hard time affording
• Invest in more personal computers, software, and professional tools.
• You need some space to work, many houses do not have space to spare.
• Need training in the tools and services provided for that specific business

So how do we navigate these difficult waters of working from home instead of getting a traditional 9 to 5 job with no guarantee that you will always be available to employ us? Especially as we get older… One way is to listen and discuss with others who have had success on this Like at Commissions from Home.

Drop shipping is a way to earn income using eBay and (or) Amazon.

eBay is a pretty easy way to make quick money and a respectable income:
• Start-up costs are small and simple, typically 50 cents per list per month.
• Many times, eBay offers special offers where your first 50 listings are free.
• eBay has very few restrictions on what you can sell, compared to Amazon.
• You can’t sell fireworks, firearms, or bulletproof vests on eBay, but you can sell everything else.
• On eBay you need special permission to sell automotive products.
• You’ll spend most of your time searching for new Products that have a great track record of selling on eBay or Amazon. And before you know it, you’re selling a lot of different products every day.
• eBay uses PayPal to pay you, and you can use PayPal’s VISA debit card to purchase orders from your supplier.
• eBay founded PayPal, but now they are separate companies, but they still work hand in hand.
• So the way it works, when you have a sale, your eBay customer country, eBay puts that money into your PayPal account, then you use your PayPal VISA debit card to buy the Product you sold. While pocketing the price difference. Then copy and paste your buyer’s address into your supplier’s “Shipping Address”, and then you’re ready to race.
• You should only return to your eBay buyers sales page after your supplier provides you with the tracking number and carrier when the order ships, which you must provide to eBay to ensure credit for that sale and compliance with that eBay order.
• All you have to do is find an online vendor that sells for less than what you’re selling on eBay.
• Spend some time shopping and take notes on what everyone in the stores is buying and incorporate it into your product strategies.
• Remember to use eBay’s Listing Notes as documentation of where that product came from, so you don’t get confused about where to buy that product when it sells. These notes travel with that product wherever it goes. But your customers and eBay never see them, only you can see your notes.

What kind of income to expect from eBay:

Keep in mind that your US Bank can barely fight to pay you a simple interest of 0.1% per year on your savings account; but with eBay you can earn 15-300% or more using other people’s money by buying your products for them, using the money they deposit into your PayPal account. There are many eBay merchants who make between $6,000 and $12,000 per month selling other people’s products on eBay. However, the more time you spend on this business, the more you will earn and the faster you will earn your desired income. Get your spouse or other family members on board to help make your business more profitable faster. At some point it may be necessary to hire employees to handle the additional work.

When you set up your eBay store settings after you have about 150 product listings, you may have a switch that allows you to go on vacation and close your store while you’re out of town. Then turn it back on when you return from your vacation. This saves you from having to take your laptop on vacation and always needing WIFI access.

However, there is nothing stopping you from running your eBay store while on vacation, unless you don’t have a laptop or WIFI access. Most of the time, you only need to spend 20-30 minutes a day fulfilling that day’s orders, and you only need to do it once a day. So even when you’re on vacation, you can still run your eBay store while making sales and still earning income.

Here are some eBay Helps that you will find very useful:

eBay Watch Count is a free tool that helps you search and find the best selling product line on eBay, you will find that many have sold countless thousands on eBay. And if you follow their examples, you’ll be selling to your competition in no time.

INFINii is a company that provides tools to find good quality products for eBay, Amazon, Shopify and Bonanza. And advanced tools to create stunning eBay listing pages. But it also provides inventory tracking so you don’t get caught when your supplier runs out of stock or changes their prices before you make your sale. Their tools will make the important adjustments to your eBay listings so that you always make a profit and always sell products that are in stock. Their tools are very valuable and useful, but they are not free. Therefore, pay attention to the different service levels of the product. You can get it for as low as $50 per month to use its tools. They also provide training for each of the e-store platforms like eBay, Amazon, Bonanza, and Shopify, which you’ll need to know how to set up and operate your stores.

Keywordspy is a very valuable tool that provides a free trial usage. This tool is free for a limited time. But it can help you find keywords for your eBay or Amazon listings that have a history of selling. This tool provides the keywords used by search engines to find products that people bought online on eBay and Amazon. And the best way to get your customers to buy; is to use this tool to queue for the most commonly used keyword search terms for those products.

Work from home with eBay

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