As parents, we naturally want the best for our children. We buy top-of-the-line toys, style high-quality clothing, and research safety standards for cribs; However, as time goes by, we also realize that most of these items will eventually be of no interest to our son or simply put on the garage sale pile for resale. A child’s toy box is no exception. Although a toy box is an exceptional way to teach a child organization, even the best quality heirloom boxes can collect dust and find a permanent home in the attic. So what can parents do with an old toy box that is no longer used for their children’s toys?

For plastic or wooden boxes, the sky is the limit of uses. One just has to sit back and use a little creative imagination. The simplest idea to reuse one would be to simply change what is stored inside. Put your pet’s toys inside, use them as a laundry basket, or put them in the back of your car or trunk for jumper cables, tools, or groceries. Get your kids involved in creating a time capsule to keep their favorite toys and memories for years to come. Don’t be afraid to take it outside, either! Can be used for garden equipment, pool toys, or garden equipment. To really get the green effect on reuse, turn it into a compost bin or recycle bin!

Storage isn’t the only option either. Put the wheels on the bottom and decorate it like the next Indy 500 cart! Sew up a canopy and place it on top to create a covered wagon. Place pillows or a cushion on the closed lid for an entry bench. Does Fido need a place to sleep? Put a blanket and pillow inside for a pet bed. You can even decorate it as a coffin on Halloween!

Plastic toy boxes are very versatile; They can even be used to house chicks! It’s the perfect size with a few extra vents, wire mesh, and some practical work; You’ll be raising chickens in no time! It could also be converted into an incubator for bird eggs. How about you take some of your plants and give them a new home inside? Are you going to the big game? Pack it up with ice and TOUCHDOWN! to an instant cooler!

For durable wooden boxes, think outside the “box” as you rotate it vertically to store DVDs, CDs, or books. If you add shelves inside, you now have a possible wine rack! Flip it all the way over for a child-size table. And the most economical use for a wooden toy box … separate them to light for your next campfire!

A child’s toy box creates memories that remain forever stored inside. Open the lid to create a world of new memories!

Creative ways to repurpose your child’s toy box

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