A while back in July, an interesting video about a new software solution that will maximize our time made headlines. Actually, I am talking about e-marts: virtual shopping supermarkets that can be placed anywhere and that give us the possibility to buy while waiting for the subway (for example), thus reducing the time we spend in the real supermarket in queue . You practically use your smartphone (this is required) to read the barcodes on various products, and once your shopping list is full, you send the request, and by the time you get back home, a cute shopping basket will accept it. .

In case you haven’t seen the video, you can search for it by: Virtual Subway Store.

The video is taken in South Korea, and it seems that people are quite excited about this new tool.

Until now technology (by technology I mean software products) has entertained us, helped us in our work, made our lives more comfortable, and now it is ready to step forward and bring us closer to supermarkets and stores, offering us the same experience . we have in real life minus the negatives (waiting time in line, time spent searching the shelves and finding the right size, etc.).

By now, online stores and online purchases of all kinds of things have become a habit, and considering the many advantages that online stores offer, this upward trend is sure to continue. Furthermore, all parties involved stand to gain from this: customers have a whole world at their fingertips, companies have unlimited shelf space to display their merchandise more cheaply, and software companies have more opportunities and development challenges (once overcome, these lead to technological advances).

With the right hardware devices and easy-to-use pieces of software, any “shopping challenge” can be solved. Even trying on clothes can be brought into the virtual world through virtual dressing rooms. Not to mention, advanced software solutions allow you to personalize your experience and make it the center of the app. So it’s not just about saving time anymore, but also about finding the right app that gives you exactly what you want.

Of course, this has some disadvantages, for example, in most cases, you must have a compatible device (a smartphone, etc.) and Internet access to be able to buy online. Although we may think that a smartphone is within everyone’s reach, the truth is that it is still an expensive technology. A more stringent issue is the issue of security. Practically, our personal information: name, address, credit card number, etc. it is made available to a third party and from that point on it is saved and we don’t really know who else will have access to it.

So yes, e-shops, e-marts and a whole host of apps are online and ready to offer us an alternative to crowded malls, but like any other store, you’d better watch your wallet.

E-Stores and E-Marts: the next step in software development

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