Penn State’s football season has consisted of two interesting early-season games. The opponents of the games were as different as two opponents can be. In the first game they faced Youngstown State and were able to overwhelm them quite easily. His next opponent, the University of Alabama, is the number one team in the country, and Penn State was overwhelmed. At this point, they came across a record of one and one and weren’t quite sure how good they are as a team. They had two non-conference games left to figure it out before they started playing Big Ten.

His first game was an easy victory. Within the FCS division, Youngstown State is a good team, but they were no match. Penn State’s true first-year starting quarterback Robert Bolden played very well, but wasn’t under pressure and the coaches didn’t make difficult plays. Bolden was as comfortable in the pocket as a loved patient in an assisted living home in Illinois. His running backs, led by the experience of Evan Royster, were able to average 4.6 yards per carry.

Last year, due to his age and excitement, it looked like head coach Joe Paterno was going to be taken off the field to a cardiac rehab program. After the first game, Coach Paterno was comfortable and optimistic. Although he was nervous about starting a true rookie at quarterback, Coach Paterno seemed pleased with his decision. It was a week before Alabama’s game and Bolden would start.

The need for a cardiac rehab program for fans may have increased as Bolden and the offense self-destructively three times inside the Alabama Territory. With the defense unable to effectively stop Alabama’s offense, the team relied on the offense to produce. Unfortunately, Penn State’s offense committed three turnovers at crucial moments in the game. Bolden was responsible for two of them as he threw two interceptions. Without these turnovers, the game might have looked different from the final score of 24 to 3.

Is Penn State good?

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