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Rishikesh is a city of serenity. It is a small hill town that stands at the convergence of three rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and Maini. It is also a sacred place for the Hindus. Rishikesh, in particular, is the center of the Sanchetra Samhita (the oldest of the sacred texts of India), and the seat of the Hindu Govt.

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So Rishikesh is full of rich concentration and meditation techniques. If you are interested in learning meditation techniques, you can get the best education in this holy city through any of the meditation training institutions. These training schools offer education in meditation, Nantahandasastra (an advanced as well as an advanced yoga stage) and Hatha Yoga. The 100 hour meditation course in Rishikesh is offered by Ashoka-Vamsi Mandir. This list has no future availability.

The Ashoka-Vamsi Mandir offers the meditation training certification as a post-graduate diploma. People who are interested in starting a meditation practice can also go for this course. The course is offered by Ashoka-Vamsi Yoga Institute and Rishikesh Coach Academy. The institute is run by Sukshma Chittorga with the help of Rishikesh ashoka-vamsi retreat. The academy is run by Prabhupati Shastri, Ashoka’s son.

Meditation Training Certification – meditation techniques

To start a meditation practice, the person needs to visit any of the meditation training certification centers. Then he can choose the best instructor for him according to his experience and talent. A teacher may have ten years of experience in teaching meditation techniques, but not everybody can get ten years of experience. Therefore, it is better if you visit an instructor with at least five to ten years of experience.

Meditation coach training certification is offered by many institutes. The institutes offer basic certification programs, intermediate programs and advanced courses. As a meditation teacher, you can improve your status by enrolling for advanced course. Moreover, you can become an expert coach or an instructor through advanced coaching certification.

To enhance your business opportunities in the field of health, you should enroll with an instructor at any of the meditation centers. Meditation practitioners usually work at night so they cannot study their lessons on full time basis. For this reason, it becomes necessary for them to get a proper place to stay in the city. In that case, they should look for a good facility to provide them with daily life accommodation. On the whole, it becomes possible to make lots of money as a meditation practitioner if you take meditation techniques and teach them to some experienced meditation practitioners.

Meditation Training Certification – meditation techniques

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