Here are some fun Sonic party games for kids for your next kid’s birthday party. Having a Sonic the Hedgehog theme at his next kids’ party is a fun and easy way to celebrate his son’s birthday.

How do you think kids would enjoy a Pin the Tail on Tails game? Tails is a fox with a bushy tail and is Sonic’s friend. This is a departure from the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game that has been a kid’s party game for decades.

Search for Sonic’s golden rings on a Sonic Treasure Hunt. Give children clues or a map to help them find the hidden treasure, or let them search on their own. Either way, when they find the hidden surprises, they keep them! This doubles up game prizes as party favors and saves you some money.

A sonic relay race is fun. This speedy hedgehog is a good character to base a career on. Let your guests race around a race course that you designed. Add some obstacles to make it more challenging and let the kids have fun running with super speed.

A Super Sonic Yell Contest is a loud but fun way to entertain your party guests. Record this screaming contest and play it for the kids before they leave the party. This game will make them laugh twice. Once when it’s first turned on and the second time when they hear all those fun noises again!

There’s a Nintendo-licensed Pull String Sonic piñata that looks like everyone’s favorite hedgehog. Fill this piñata with goodies and some temporary tattoos or stickers. Let the kids take turns pulling Sonic’s strings until someone pulls the string that breaks this pinata and spills the goodies and goodies he put in there.

Take a look at the available Sonic the Hedgehog party supplies and choose the ones you like best. Choose the ones that will make the biggest splash in your decorating plans. Decorative vinyl, latex balloons or the Sonic piñata game are all good ideas. The Sonic pinata will double as party decorations at the beginning of the party and then become another fun Sonic party game. And this is a party game that children like very much! Be sure to check out this Hedgehog Pinata Set with String.

Fun party games are a big part of any kids party and these Sonic party games will make your child’s birthday celebration more fun than ever. This is going to be a party to remember filled with fun party games for kids.

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