This Stickley furniture review focuses on the L. & JG Stickley Craftsman leather furniture range. This collection of furniture upholstered in genuine leather included numerous series of chairs, sofas and recliners, including ottomans, swivel chairs, recliners, executive chairs and four series of sectionals that include a custom program. Here, we are targeting modular sofas, chairs, and furniture.

Types of artisan leather

Stickley uses several different types of leather in his Craftsman collection, and you really have to see and feel them to appreciate the differences between them. You can choose between the buttery soft feel of an ‘aniline’ leather or the strength and spill and stain resistance of ‘everyday’ leathers, better suited for families with young children.

Oiled and waxed “pull-up” leathers are useful if you prefer an aged look, while patterned and patterned leathers are available for special effects in the “accent” areas of your furniture. You can also achieve an antique look by using “handmade antique” leather, which has been artificially aged with a variety of pigments.

Stickley furniture also uses a special type of leather that has been rubbed and sharpened to a suede-like finish known as ‘Nubuck’ leather. It is very soft, but not resistant to stains and marks, which is why it is often used only for displaying pieces or for occasional use.

Stickley Leather Chairs & Sofas

The firm offers a range of real leather sofas and chairs, including its famous Santa Fe and Cheyenne series. The above series consists of a chair, a chair, and a sofa and a half, while the Cheyenne series offers a sofa, a selection of chairs and ottomans, and a loveseat. These are superb collections in very high quality leather, including optional carved front arm and side panels.

The London series in gorgeous red leather (Dillon Garnet) includes a chair, 96-inch wide sofa, and ottoman. An important feature of this collection is the sloping back, deeply buttoned in soft leather, with beautifully designed red leather cushions and solid maple legs. If you have a large living room to furnish, the gorgeous Stickley Bradford sofa is available as a 103-inch wide four-seater, along with a chair, ottoman, cocktail ottoman, and loveseat. Upholstered in black leather, this is a truly fabulous leather furniture set, made in America like all Stickley furniture.

Stickley Sectionals

Stickley leather sectionals are available in the 100, 200, 300 and 400 series. These are defined as:

100 Series: This series is defined as a universal series of general purpose sectionals. The seat height is 22.5 inches and the depth is 36 inches. The seat cushions and back pillows are 4.65 inches thick. The 100 series is highly customizable, with 12 arm styles, 4 backs, and 7 skirt styles to choose from. You have a wide selection of different sectional components, and you can even choose the width of your sofa by the inch, any width from 65 to 103 inches. This series also offers a sofa bed.

200 Series – Has the same custom options as the 100 Series, although the bezels are 40 inches deep and seats 21.5 inches high. This is a more suitable sectional if you prefer a slightly lower seat but a deeper frame. The cushions and pillows are 6 and 5.5. inches deep respectively. The 200 series sectional furniture comes with 4 cushions and a kidney cushion with each sofa.

300 Series: This series offers seats lower at 20 inches, with low-profile 38-inch bezels. The cushions are 6-inch with 4-inch back pillows. This and the 100 series also come with 2 cushions on the sofas.

400 Series: With 40-inch deep frames and 21.5-inch seats, the 400 series is the ‘motion’ option of Stickley leather sections with power recliners with infinite position switches available on any of the components (except! ottomans!). The backrests have no clearance, so they fit snugly against the walls if necessary. Static options are available for each part. It is also possible to have any part of a sofa equipped with movement options if you want only one or two of the seats to recline.

Stickley Leather Sectionals – Other Customizations

You can choose from 19 wood finishes and 10 painted finishes for exposed wood. You can also choose from 9 accent pillow designs and 7 dome head nail finishes. If you combine all the possible customization combinations, you can choose from more than half a million possible unique sectionals – and that’s only in the 100 series!

This Stickley Furniture review has focused on the Stickley Craftsman Leather living room furniture range. This company offers a wide range of products and the quality is extremely high, as you would expect from an American furniture company with such a high reputation, where all items are made in America.

Stickley Furniture Review: Stickley Craftsman Leather Furniture

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