In the September 2010 update, the Home addition was introduced to Atlantans. Houses can only be purchased through the NPC called Caitsith, who is found in Rome in the “My Home” area. You can quickly access the My Home area by clicking on the Rome icon and you should now see a menu list for “My Home”.

When you are ready to buy a home; You will see that there are 3 different houses to choose from. The house plan is the same for all homes; the only differences are the roof colors and the layout of the front yard.

After purchasing your home, the next thing you’ll want to do is choose which facility you want to add to the front yard. The facilities offer elements necessary for decoration and home furnishings. The facilities to choose from are a farm, a mine, a garden, and a lumber yard. Each of the facilities offers its own items that can be purchased there. A lumberyard produces Ginko lumber, and to gain lumber skill, you will need to visit the NPC named Jack Lumberman in the Rome My Home area. For each of the facilities, a specific skill is needed, so you will need to locate the various NPCs in My Home before you can acquire the skill.

You level up your facilities by using them and by other people who use them. As your facility is used, the percentage of return on the items purchased will decrease. You can view your installation information by right-clicking on the installation and selecting “manage” from the menu. As yields drop below 100%, you’ll be able to water and transplant it, helping you level up the facility. Once your facility reaches level 30, you can occasionally collect high-quality items. The higher the level of the facility, the greater the possibility of obtaining high-quality products and the possibility of collecting more of them will also increase.

One of the best benefits of owning a house is that you can place up to 3 mercenaries to stay in your house. To place a mercenary in your home, you must first visit your home and you must place the mercenary of your choice in the mercenary room and then you will see an option that says “send home”. There is no level limit for a mercenary to be sent home. Every 2 hours exactly at the even hour mark, your mercenary will ask you for a gift. Sometimes they ask for atlas fragments but almost always ask for items. If you give them the gift they ask for, they will receive experience. Experience is much less for mercenaries below level 80, but they can still level up quite quickly through the house gift method. To increase the amount of experience they receive, you will need to furnish your home. It is still speculated that the more comfort you have in a home, the greater the experience your mercenaries will receive. I think it is not based on comfort, but depends on a balance between culture and comfort.

Another benefit of having a home is that you will get an experience benefit by resting in your bed and this benefit lasts for an hour. You can receive this benefit up to twice a day. It is also speculated that the more comfortable you are at home, the greater the experience bonus you will receive when resting. Housewarming furniture only offers a 1% experience bonus, but as you place more furniture in the house, that percentage will increase.

The houses are quite expensive and can only be purchased through Caitsith for 500 million gold. Although they are expensive, they are definitely worth the cost.

The benefits of buying a home in Atlantica online

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