Flipping through a magazine recently, I caught a lovely sniff of Dolce & Gabbana’s “The One” cologne coming out of one of the loose-leaf ads. Delicious. It reminded me of the strong power of scent. One of the leading playing cards in the spa industry. The ad got me the scent and feel instantly, along with the tanned model staring back at me. I’m sold!

Inside a spa, creating a beautiful cocoon to house a spa, with no attention to detail that includes infusions to seduce the eye with texture, shadow, light and movement. Or awaken the olfactory senses with fresh scents, warm scents, scents that are movement and color… it’s like exotic wrapping around an empty Christmas box. A big, fat disappointment. Sign.

With so much to do in the development of any spa project, it’s hard to know where to start. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve talked to who have a desire and a passion, with no idea where to start.

Since smell is potentially the most powerful sense we have, let’s start with that. The enjoyment of taste is 95% based on smell. Our brains include a direct link to smell, which produces intense and immediate reactions. Many of them linked to memory.

Owning a spa concept that links your location to awakening your client’s pleasant memories is quite an effective PR campaign. Producing loyalty, and affinity.

Spa safaris and African adventures have created an interesting use of “outdoor” spas, almost completely exposed to the elements. This is meaning. The varied ecosystems and raw terrain whisper scents of earth, local flora, spicy air, and raw nature. That’s a huge plus for a spa adventure.

The Mediterranean creations are immersed in aromas of thick and fine mud, salts, oils, mint, fennel and relaxing mineral waters. Water and heat have their own sensational saturated smell. Spas, whether indoor, outdoor, open-top or multi-use, echo a pheromone like aura to attract guests. What does yours reflect?

In the recent past, the ancient city of Damascus began to expose itself to new developments in spas and health. The previous years, before deep unrest and political fallout, had brought Syrian citizens living abroad back home. They were looking for places to enjoy spa centers with their own aromas of cardamom, jasmine, pomegranate and colored aromas.

It is not important how scent is used in spas. Only that it is. It’s time to take your spa traveler pass on the road to see new designs, innovation and growth. Many hospitality projects, hotel and leisure projects, and multi-use facilities are touring exhibitions and trade shows for inspiration for the completion of their wellness efforts. Some do the research themselves, exploring themselves and the aroma aspects deeply. Others choose to find an industry expert to do it for them.

The effect of emotional marketing and attachment is not only affected in the recent luxury trends globally, but it is also a great PR campaign.

If your inspiration doesn’t come from what already exists, create your own version of the elements and concepts that produce scents. Entrepreneurs are exposing new things all the time. Taking “smell” pop-up stores along the way, which spa brands can participate in. It’s as easy as sponsoring an exhibition. And voila, your product is like a traveling showcase, with an exclusive touch. Others produce retail “house calls” that bring the spa to the nearest office, event, or airport. That includes smell. Odor can be produced by products, machines, locations, treatments, dispensers, and personal devices. Get creative and look to world trends for inspiration if you’re feeling bored.

The high aroma, high texture infusion can make your spa project a success. With careful planning, your spa becomes a wonderful world of invitations for your guests. Harmony of dreams, possibilities, news, learning, rest and a lasting memory.

Done right, people will cross oceans, mountains, and congested cities for an appointment at your spa. Filled with the essence of your own concept.

Do you have a dear memory? There is most likely an odor associated with it. What are your favorite smells?

Liz Galloway is an internationally renowned spa and leisure developer, trainer and consultant. She works in operations and investments for hotel developments. Living in her hometown of Salt Lake City after much travel, she continues to work with international clients. Learn more at http://www.thelotuseffects.com or contact her directly at [email protected]

The Pursuit of Olf-Ection, ideas for spa projects

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