Thinking of buying a timeshare in Spain?

Have you been on vacation in Spain regularly? Is the charm of the beautiful beaches of the Costa del Sol too strong to forget? Can’t get enough of the weather and sites that you can’t find elsewhere? Very often, buying a timeshare is the best option for some, as it reduces the cost of repeat vacation packages while being only a fraction of the price that many resorts can charge.

It goes without saying, but the Costa del Sol is one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in Spain, if not all of Europe. For the British especially, the Costa del Sol is the sunny destination with beaches that the UK could only dream of.

Club Playa Real is a paradise for many, made with your relaxation in mind, located on the beach just a few minutes’ drive from the city of Marbella and the famous Puerto Banús. On site there is a magnificent open air bar with poolside bar, miles of beautiful beaches and “chiringutio” bars, all within a few minutes drive, how could you refuse?

If you are staying in the Marbella area, why not try Marbella Beach Resort? It is adjacent to the Club Playa Real clubhouse and members have full access to the indoor leisure facilities. To top it off, there is the beach restaurant “Le Papillon”, ideally located by the sea and offering impressive nights and delicious food.

If you are looking for a destination with your family in mind, why not try Marbesa Club? With access to the Club Playa Real clubhouse facilities and located right next to the beach, it provides everything you need for the perfect family vacation. If you don’t want to spend most of your time on Spanish roads, the Marbesa club is close to local public transport routes, allowing you to move freely in the surrounding areas.

Maybe lazing on the beach doesn’t suit you, you can still choose one of the Costa del Sol’s idyllic hillside clubs, Mi Jardín. But don’t confuse the peaceful surroundings with being too far from the sights, My Garden still benefits from the golden beaches just a 10-minute walk away. Mi Jardín’s location is beautifully complemented by its gardens, its landscaped pool and its barbecue terraces, everything you need to relax in the sun.

A glorious area of ​​Spain, the Costa del Sol has a lot to offer for those looking to get into timeshare ownership without the need to pay higher resort prices or the repeated costs of a combined vacation.

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