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Regardless of whether you choose student accommodation in Edinburgh that’s run by your university or privately-run halls like those offered by Unite Students, you can be sure it’ll have all the usual student amenities. This includes en-suite rooms, studio apartments and shared kitchens as well as 24/7 security, high speed Wi-Fi, all-inclusive utility bills, contents insurance and flexible start dates.

student accommodation Edinburgh usually comes in the form of a variety of studios, flats and houses that are occupied by a mix of students from different universities. This means you’ll get the chance to meet people from all walks of life, expand your social circle and find out new things about this fascinating city from the locals. It also means you could end up with a roommate that can complement your study or lifestyle choices, for example if you enjoy sports or want to spend more time in the outdoors.

You can also find private student housing in Edinburgh in the city centre, which will be within about a 15 minute walk of everything you’ll need as a student including shops, pubs and clubs, restaurants and gyms. This is ideal for students who don’t mind living in a busy and lively area or if they’re a bit older and want to live in a more mature student community.

What amenities are typically included in student accommodation in Edinburgh

Another popular neighbourhood for students is Marchmont, which is home to a great variety of independent coffee shops and pubs and only a short bus ride from the city centre. This is an area that attracts young people in general but it’s a particularly student-friendly one with an exciting social scene and beautiful Victorian architecture. Student flats in this area are often fairly affordable and go well with a student budget.

A typical student accommodation in Edinburgh will have the opportunity to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country including Edinburgh University, Edinburgh Napier and Heriot-Watt. Combined, they offer a first-class learning experience that will prepare you for a future in a wide range of careers. You’ll also have the chance to experience some of the most memorable cultural events in the world including the Edinburgh Festival and the famous Hogmanay new year celebrations.

Getting around is easy thanks to a number of public transport options including buses, trams and trains. You can also walk, which is the cheapest and healthiest way of getting around. If you choose to stay in student accommodation that’s close to the city centre or university campuses you can save a lot of money by simply walking as much as possible. This will not only help you keep fit but it’ll also save you the hassle of moving belongings in and out of your student accommodation each term. Many private student halls in Edinburgh will include storage as part of your rent, so you don’t need to worry about renting a separate storage space. This is especially important if you’re staying in an en-suite or studio apartment.

What amenities are typically included in student accommodation in Edinburgh

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