Buying a new baby is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Some parents end up spending more than they need to on baby items. When you go shopping for your firstborn, make a checklist of basic items to buy for your baby.

1. Clothes

You will need to buy some items that your baby will need in the hospital. Get a t-shirt, a children’s outfit, diapers and safety pins.

When shopping for newborn clothes, remember that your baby won’t be wearing them for more than a few weeks. Babies grow quickly in the first few months, so they will outgrow the clothes you are buying. Get some pieces in newborn sizes. You can buy more later if you need them.

The basic clothes that you should buy for your newborn are bodysuits, socks and pajamas. Wear long sleeves, hand short sleeves. Get some diaper blankets too.

Since you won’t be traveling much with your baby in the first few months, don’t buy a lot of shoes, gloves, or hats. Instead, opt for diapers.

2. Bathe

Get a large plastic container to bathe the baby. Keep a few large, soft towels set aside for your baby to dry off after a bath. Baby shampoo, baby soap and washcloth are other essentials. During the first two weeks, sponge bathing your baby is recommended.

3. Transportation

You need a baby car seat, so you can carry your child safely and comfortably. Try some baby car seats first before you buy one, as not all baby car seats will fit in your car.

You will also need a stroller to take your child for walks outside. A baby backpack is also useful when you want to carry your baby, while keeping your hands free. You will also need a diaper bag so you can change your baby’s diapers when you need them.

4. Diaper bags

Buy lots of diapers for your baby. Parents suggest that she will need 10 to 12 diapers a day. Depending on your needs and ease, you can opt for inexpensive diapers or disposables.

Choose a small size diaper bag as it is easier to carry. The diaper bag should carry more than just diapers. Shu, co-author of Heading Home with Your Newborn, recommends new parents keep baby wipes, wipes/wipes, and diaper cream in the bag. He must also keep some extra clothes. Keep hand sanitizer, a plastic bag for throwing diapers, and a baby pain reliever.

What to buy for a newborn

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