Why You Should Have a Custom Viking Platinum Pool Cue in Your Collection

The Viper Platinum series is a custom pool cue which for the price ($100) is an incredible deal for a top tier cue like this. You’re sure to find cues that cost a lot more than this, but those with the technical know-how will realize that this cue will go around the far more expensive cues on the market. Regardless of whether you are an amateur or an expert in the game, this is an excellent pool cue designed to instantly improve your game and provide the satisfaction one seeks in a good cue. The graphics embedded into this custom cue are amazing, their unique beauty makes them look as good as their aim. These cues look really cool, your friends and adversaries will notice the unparalleled beauty of this cue as soon as you take it out of your pool cue box, when you are ready to hit your next opponent.

The Viper Platinum series custom pool cue is 58″ long with a 13mm Le Pro leather tip. It has a 13mm maple shaft with a 12″ pro taper and a forearm made from the finest maple. This workhorse will prevail for you on your quest to finish on top. The joint is polished stainless steel for a continuous solid connection. The rings on this cue are custom wood and aluminum. This custom pool cue is designed for professional level play, but also provides effortless hitting power for novices. The Platinum Series will enhance the ability you already have to crush your opponent and hit the mark. The wrap is thin black with white Irish linen that gives you comfort and helps absorb the impact of your blows. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Like other Viper Series cues, the Platinum comes with the Pro Adjustable Weight System that allows you to adjust the weight of your cue from 18 to 21 oz. You can choose the perfect weight that you want to play at any given time to ensure that you finish at the front end.

Like other Viper custom pool cue series, the Platinum follows the long, special, multi-step construction process that takes an idea and a piece of wood to the finished product. The process with this block takes 9 months to eliminate moisture. The Platinum custom cue is then sealed with 12, instead of 9, coats of lacquer to protect it and ensure the cue stays straight and in perfect playing condition with the precision you demand when hitting the competition. Those with the intelligence, taste and skill for the game of billiards will understand the value of a cue like this and know what a difference it can make to your game. This cue has it all in quality construction, top notch looks, and affordability. To view this cue and others, visit Dartandcue.com, where you’ll also find pool cue cases, darts, dartboards, dartboard cabinets, and dart cases.

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