Xbox 360 Green Screen – How to Fix Xbox 360 Green Screen of Death

Do you have the Xbox 360 green screen of death problem? Do you want this problem fixed? This problem can be quite difficult to fix, and for exactly that reason, many people will tell you to send your troubleshooting console to Microsoft and pay $150. But is this really necessary? Can you fix your console… by yourself…?

Some Tips That Can Fix Xbox 360 Green Screen Issue

1) Check for loose wires.

2) Try unplugging all cables except the power cord and plug them back in.

3) Remove the hard drive, then reboot your console.

4) Once the Xbox 360 green screen issue goes away, reseat the hard drive while the console is turned off.

If these tips didn’t fix your console, then you should consider choosing 1 of these 2 options.

Xbox 360 Green Screen Fix by Microsoft

What you can do is send your console to Microsoft. That’s right, Microsoft has some sort of repair service to fix your Xbox 360 green screen error, but it’s obviously not free. Microsoft is a great company, and a company like that needs… money…

So what did they come up with? You send them your console, you wait 3-8 weeks, and then… You’ll have to pay $150 if the warranty has expired.

Fix Xbox 360 green screen yourself with a repair guide

In fact, this is your best option. It’s cheap and fast and has only one drawback. It takes 1 hour of your time… But hey, to get back your $150 will probably take more than 1 hour… right?

When you fix Xbox 360 green screen on your own, it is recommended to use a repair guide. This costs some money, but it is not expensive. What you will receive in return is a step by step manual containing easy to understand instructions that come along with detailed photos and step by step videos.

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