Baby Bus for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Baby Bus for Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Ease of use

Unlike upright and cylinder vacuum cleaners, cordless sticks have slim bodies that are easier to manoeuvre and store. They also usually have a smaller, self-emptying dust canister that only needs to be manually emptied occasionally. This model impressed us with its powerful performance as a handheld and curved nozzle for getting into corners. It was particularly effective for removing biscuit crumbs and pet hair from stairs. Its LED nozzle also made it easy to find dirt in dark areas, while the extendable tube and flexible wand were useful for cleaning high and awkward spaces. The battery ran out surprisingly quickly, though, so it is best used for quick touch-ups rather than whole-home cleaning.

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The battery lasted 19 minutes at the highest setting. We tested it by using the vacuum on medium-pile carpet until it died and recording the time with a stopwatch.

Ease of storage

Unlike corded vacuums that require a large canister of emptying, most cordless models come with a small, compact dustbin. This makes them easy to store and fit in most cabinets, closets and under beds. Some even have a dock or mount that lets you hang them on the wall.

Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

This toy vacuum is made especially for mini helpers. Inspired by STEM principles, this toy uses color, numeracy and counting play modes to teach children how to clean up. As kids roll it over primary-color “dust” disks, the CoComelon lights up and either counts them out loud (in numeracy mode), names a color (like red! or ladybug slide!) and plays three cleanup encouragement songs.

A sleek, lightweight design that’s easier to maneuver than some other models we tested, this cordless stick sucks up dirt, biscuit crumbs and pet hair with ease. Its slim body and compact canister make it ideal for quick touch-ups and small jobs around the house, but its battery runtime isn’t long enough for heavier whole-home cleaning.

Ease of cleaning

Cordless vacuum cleaners offer more convenience than their full-size counterparts because you don’t have to worry about accidentally unplugging a cord, getting it caught up in chair and table legs or knocking over fragile items. In addition, they’re lighter to maneuver and require fewer steps to get around furniture.

The best cordless models in our tests are compact and light, with a long battery life. We tested them by using them to clean a medium-pile carpet until they ran out of power, and timing how long it took to do so.

Baby bus

A good example is the Wyze Cordless Vacuum S, which was able to tackle all floor types in our tests. It has a slim, “stick” design with a small canister that’s automatically emptied and a great selection of tools, including a crevice tool for narrow spaces and an upholstery tool for de-crumbing sofas. It also has self-standing capabilities and a motorised brush for tackling stubborn pet hair.

Ease of maintenance

Unlike upright or cylinder models, cordless sticks have a slim body that fits into cupboards and a small canister that’s easy to empty. They’re also lighter and more manoeuvrable and often come with attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach spots like stairs or a car. They’re a good choice for busy families with varying cleaning needs.

Made for mini helpers, this toy vacuum lights up and has three play modes that boost color recognition, numeracy, and counting skills. As kids roll the colorful “dust” disks over the vacuum’s “suck” surface, it counts, says their name, or lights up a rainbow arc and plays one of three cleanup encouragement songs.

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