Worry is one of the biggest obstacles to creating what people want in their lives. Most of us grew up with the idea that if you didn’t care, you just didn’t care about the outcome. I’ve heard parents say, “It’s my job to care about my kids.” Worry arises because you are afraid that you will not get what you want or that something bad will happen to you. Or, you may think that worrying will make you prepared in case things don’t work out.

Worry is a lack of trust in the Universe/All-That-Is/Source/God. It is a lack of confidence in ourselves as creative beings. The truth is that we are not meant to fight. We are destined to prosper. Life is supposed to be fun and easy. When you are aligned with what you want, you embrace a feeling of lightness, joy, appreciation, and trust. Worry actually keeps what you want away from you. If you are sending out a vibration of worry, you simply attract more worry.

There is a gap between feeling your desire and manifesting it. The problem arises during that interval. All kinds of doubts can appear and you start to worry about whether what you want will manifest or not. This is especially true if you feel very important that you have it. And then what you want never happens and you start to doubt the whole process of manifestation.

I’ve been there!

One thing that has made a big difference to me is a practice called “It’s Done.” I was able to manifest some wonderful things in my life, sometimes quite easily, but it was inconsistent. Certain things just didn’t seem to be showing up. He had been using the words, “so be it and so be it” and “it’s done” after declaring intentions, but only saying the words. Then the worries would start to creep in. I tried to refocus my thoughts and feelings, did many processes and worked to remove limiting beliefs. All good things to do. But for some things that I considered big and important, I just couldn’t let go of the knot in my stomach.

It does.

I was recommended a book called “It’s Done: The Final Step Towards Instant Manifestation” by Richard Dotts. I decided to give it a try. Richard described the goosebumps he got when he realized that “Amen” at the end of the sentence had originally meant more than an ending. It was a statement of faith and trust that what was asked for had, in fact, already been done. As soon as we are born with a desire and intend to create it, it is done. As Abraham-Hicks says, everything is already there, waiting in our vortex of creation. You simply have to align with it. You are the last creative component to receive what you want.

The process is very simple, but powerful. After using whatever method of setting your intention you prefer (visualization, journaling, affirmations, etc.), take a moment to say and, more importantly, FEEL that it’s done. How would you feel knowing that what you want is already achieved? There is nothing else you can do to make this happen. Done. He really feels like it’s like he has it. Tap into the feelings you’ve had when you’ve accomplished things in your life in the past. Then take 15 to 30 seconds to “be” in that feeling. You know you are in the feeling because you will get some kind of signal, release, or “click.” For me, it’s a relaxation of the knot in my stomach and a feeling of energy going through the top of my head and down the center of my body. Richard describes goose bumps and tingling on his scalp.

Anytime during the gap between expressing your desire and manifesting it, you feel doubt creeping in, just do the “It’s Done” process at that point. Do not leave it for later, face it immediately. There is no need to visualize what you want at that moment, just work with the FEELING, moving from worry to “it’s done”. The first signs you have of this functioning is that you feel better. It has certainly caused more joy in my life!

We came here for the pleasure of bringing ideas and desires into manifestation in this physical environment. “It’s Done” will help you enjoy the process!

Do you sabotage yourself with worry?

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