How to stop a man from playing mind games with you! Here’s how to turn the tables

Men love to play these double games with their women, not because they love them but because they can’t help but play such games. But there is a way to stop them from playing these mind games with you and you have to stop them.

ignore the game
When your man tries to play mind games with you, whatever the mind game is, the best way to stop him is to ignore the game. When he finds that the distraction doesn’t affect you, he’ll get tired and won’t find you worth playing with.

Silly and petty games
When he tries to play mind games with you, show him that you can see through these silly and petty games and that you cannot be fooled. When this happens a couple of times, you’ll lose interest because this doesn’t elicit the emotions you want to see.

your turn now
If his idea of ​​games is too much to take, then play the same game with him. Show him that you are attracted to other men and their attention and that you are enjoying it. When he sees this, then your man will take a step back and not play mind games with you.

get away from him
Teach him a lesson by staying away from him for a while. Respond with the response that you thought he was after that other woman and that’s why you stepped aside. Look at the surprise on his face! From now on he will refrain from playing such mind games with you.

Play along with your game
It would be worth playing his mind game along with him. He will be surprised at this and realize that the fun is lost because you too are enjoying the game instead of being jealous. This will surely make him stop playing with you.

a piece of your mind
If you see that he doesn’t stop these games, then it may be time to tell him what you think. Tell him this won’t work or he can forget you forever since you have better things to do than hang out with him and let him play.

Your turn to make him jealous
Maybe it would do him good if you made him jealous. He’s been playing too many of these mind games and he needs to be taught a lesson. The next time he asks you out, tell him you can’t meet him because you have a date with someone else.

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