While there is no limit to the barriers that arise when trying to control time management, I believe there are common problems with time management that everyone… at one time or another… falls victim to. You can’t even begin to remove these barriers unless you can identify them.

This article was written with that perspective in mind and will help you identify the barriers to time management that are common problems with all time management plans.

Overlearning and lack of action

I know this is a common barrier and I had a tendency to fall victim to it myself. It’s so easy to believe that the magic wand… the only thing that will change our lives and make everything better… is just around the corner. It’s on the following website… that’s the only reason we keep looking.

Also, we have to keep looking because all the tips and tricks we’ve collected over the years just didn’t produce the results we hoped for. Well, no, actually we didn’t. implement any of them. none of them was exactly what we were looking for. We decided to keep looking for something a little better, ideas a little more tailored to us, our lifestyle and our tastes.

Not doing enough is another major barrier and goes hand in hand with overlearning. After all, if we weren’t so busy learning “new” things, we’d have more time to focus and try out those ideas we once thought were great.

I can’t decide what to focus on

I’ve also found myself caught in this trap before and if I’m not careful I can still get caught in it. Have you ever woken up on, say, a Saturday morning not knowing what you would do on that day off? So imagine you’ll grab a cup of coffee and figure it out. In the meantime, you turn on the Weather channel (or whatever channel you choose) and get stuck into the stories.

Before you know it, an hour has passed and you’re still in your pajamas.

So, after getting dressed, you know to sit down and decide what to start with today. You start to make a list of things you’d like to accomplish and realize it’s your brother’s birthday, so you call him “quickly.”

Whoops… another hour gone.

And the day just sinters like this.

Hey, I’ve been there, I still go there if I’m not careful.

Something “coming up” to mess up your carefully laid plans

Many times we have the best of intentions but for one reason or another they never see the light of day. An example was today (Saturday) that I had planned to catch up on some writing. My plans were seriously derailed when I found out it was game day (FSU Seminoles vs. Florida Gators) and my roommate was not only watching the game, but also cooking his usual venison burgers. Also, he made his playmates come over.

Now the very smell of deer cooking makes me nauseous. I can’t be in the house when it’s cooking or for several hours afterward. It’s the end of November so it’s too cold to sit on the covered porch which stays about 10 degrees cooler than the temperature outside.

My plans, and probably yours too, often go awry.

So there you have some of the common issues with time management that can become barriers to your successful time management.

Obstacles to time management – Common problems with time management

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