Does it make economic sense to buy a used elliptical machine? Sounds like a good way to save money… right?

For example, if you can buy a used Precor EFX 5.23 elliptical cross trainer for $1999 plus shipping on Amazon, while a new one would cost you $2999, wouldn’t that be a good deal? Precor produces world-class elliptical trainers and has a solid reputation with thousands of satisfied customers. So what possible negative could there be?

Keep in mind that even the best products periodically break down. This is especially true of exercise equipment and even more so if that equipment has been used by dozens of people with different training techniques (such as in a gym) or by one person at home who simply lost interest in properly caring for the machine. . .

For many people, spending $2,000 on something that is no longer guaranteed can be a risky proposition. Here’s a quote from Precor’s warranty manual, which, by the way, is typical of elliptical machine manufacturers:

“The warranty period begins on the invoice date of the original purchase. This warranty applies only to defects discovered within the warranty period and extends only to the original purchaser of the product…” The original owner gets a warranty lifetime on the elliptical frame and welds, plus a 10-year warranty on parts and wear items along with a one-year warranty on labor. But this applies only to the original owner because the warranty is not transferable.

Now, there is nothing wrong with buying an elliptical trainer that has been used before. In fact, things will most likely work out. But we’re all emotional creatures, and when it comes to exercise, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the belief that this fabulous, life-changing machine can transform our body into the beautiful vision we have of ourselves.

Before you know it, you buy the damn thing… only to have buyers regret it later when the steering wheel starts to squeak, while at the same time you start to get bored of using it.

Ellipticals are heavy and take up space. Even if you have one that folds up, it can be a cumbersome piece of equipment. Your used elliptical can be shipped for a reasonable price within the contiguous 48 states, but make sure you understand what shipping really means. This is equally true for new machines, but used equipment will likely be dealt with by a person rather than the original manufacturer.

I am referring to the probability that when this 200 pound piece of steel finally arrives at your residence, it will only make it as far as your front door. Then you discover that it will cost you more money to move it into place, in addition to assembling it for you. While this isn’t unusual or even unfair, it’s still something many people don’t anticipate, so consider yourself warned.

In short, elliptical training is really amazing for the right person. It combines the best of stair climbing, cross-country skiing, and running into a low-impact, variety-rich workout. Runners will benefit from limited impact movement as a supplement to their run. Older users will appreciate the fluidity and ease of movement.

So if buying a used elliptical will give you the opportunity to prolong its life and enjoy it even more, then go for it. Just make sure you have all the details before committing your money.

The used elliptical machine – Is it worth it?

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