The need for the portable potty is not just limited to home use or special occasions; You can also see these lightweight boxes doing wonders on many civil engineering job sites. Sanitation installation is essential in workplaces to enhance well-being and limit health risks caused by poor toilet layout. Since the call of nature is unpredictable, a single bathroom would not be a viable option for a large workforce. Building a bathroom for a temporary need might be a sigh of relief, but cleaning it frequently would often irritate him. However, installing a portable potty is a conscious idea; it can be relocated as per your convenience and it also reduces odor odor for regular use, so the hassle of maintenance is less compared to built bathroom.

The units are made of plastic materials, which lighten the weight of the product and facilitate the cleaning process. Therefore, we can say that a good rental deal could save you pocket for the next expense, while building a bathroom is a bit more expensive. Regardless of renting a portable potty just for construction sites, you can also rent one for other job sites; perhaps the sanitary facility requirement could be of shorter or longer duration, but considering the intention to rent a couple of units would be appreciable. On the other hand, the mobility of the unit allows works to be carried out on the road to relocate the unit as required.

There are numerous instances where you need to rent a specific type of unit that falls within your requirements and budget limit. For example, some basics, such as understanding the need for a temporary restroom based on the type of outdoor location (event, workplace, special occasion) you plan to host, and the approximate number of people who will be using the facilities, would be beneficial. to make a firm decision.

The temporary restroom requirement is not limited to one, two, or a set number for different types of outdoor workplaces. As stated above, regardless of the construction job site, there are few civil works where a portable urinal is needed in action to ensure the safe way to access the restroom. And the following list shows the same.

Types of civil works:

Factories: shipyards; breweries; chemical works; ovens and coke ovens

Health: Hospitals, care centers, junior special schools, disabled and rehabilitation centers.

Offices: Banks, fairgrounds, private companies

Entertainment: Concert halls, movie studios, swimming pools, sports fields, stadiums,

Agriculture: Farms, greenhouses, orchards, remote places

Relevance across workplaces is probably low; therefore, the layout of the bathroom must be planned according to the requirements. Since numerous versions of portable urinals are available for rental, the customer can choose any specific model as per the need. For example, the bathroom in the shipyard must be able to be conveniently relocated in a timely manner, so the trailer-mounted unit would be the best option. And in special schools, it is advisable to install an ADA-compliant portable toilet to provide comfortable user access, while the non-slip surface and hand grab bars allow users to move the wheelchair within the cabin. comfortably.

Gathering the basic details for renting a bathroom would be beneficial, you will have a clear idea of ​​your requirements and it is also helpful to find a suitable unit without any complications. If you’re wondering how to start collecting the details, the following review might help.

Outdoor Location Type: Whether it’s a construction job site, a temporary business, or any job site

Number of users: Have a rough estimate of the number of users per day

Installations required in the unit: The facilities provided within the unit vary from one another; therefore, you need to search for the product that matches your requirements

Rental plan type: There are two types of options given by the service providers to the clients, short term and long term rental plans. Based on your requirements, you need to select the right plan

Estimated budget: Having a rough budget limit would help you plan the bathroom makeover in the least expensive way, thus it could save you extra expenses out of pocket.

The intention of renting a portable potty conceives several ideas about the organization of toilet facilities in the outdoor space. Perhaps we get stumped by the numerous rental options and end up choosing an expensive rental deal, perhaps this could be the reason why many of us give up the idea of ​​renting a portable potty numerous times. But one smart move can save you from unhygienic activities without hurting your pocket weight. Rent smart!

You may need to rent a portable urinal for one of these workplaces

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