Soft drink with a disclaimer

Passing by at KFC today, I ordered an extra large Diet Pepsi, because I need so much caffeine. Immediately after ordering, the female voice on the intercom says, “Do you understand that the extra large is a half gallon of soda and doesn’t fit in any cup holder?” I said yes and they asked me to push forward.

I have two problems with this, first of all how does she know it doesn’t fit in any cup holder? Maybe I have nothing better to do with my time (by the way, I do) than invent a giant cup holder just for a half gallon of soda or one of those 64 oz refillable cups you get at a gas station. Second, I asked the girl about this, why the disclaimer in the first place. She said some people don’t realize how big it will be. Seriously, the damn thing was 2.50, did you think it was going to be a 12 oz. Or did she think that KFC was suddenly making up for lost profit by charging ridiculous amounts for soft drinks?

Finally, this is America, great is what we are, have you seen us? How does someone who calls themselves an American get upset because what they got at the drive-thru was too big? Take some responsibility, drink your half gallon of soda, and leave the poor high school girl, making minimum wage alone. They don’t get paid enough to listen to your moronic complaints about how what you got was more than you bargained for. It’s like Christmas in soda land, be happy and shut up. It’s like complaining that the money you won on a 1.00 lottery scratcher is more of a prize for a 5.00 scratcher. My gosh, we like to complain about anything, don’t we? It’s sad. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a half gallon of aspartame goodness to consume, and no complaints. Later.

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